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Yearbook Adviser: Mrs. Jessica L. Stickel
Phone: (937) 499-1694
Fax: (937) 499-1542
Fairmont High School Room 121

CLASS OF 2017 SENIOR PICTURES ARE DUE DECEMBER 1st! Get all the details here! 

Don’t miss out on getting your picture in the 2017 Firebird Yearbook! Here’s the scoop:

All seniors must be photographed by Prestige Portraits (Lifetouch),who will forward the studio prints to the Firebird Yearbook Office automatically by our Dec. 1, 2016 deadline. Prestige supplies these yearbook portraits regardless of whether or not you purchase portraits from them. The phone number for the Prestige Portraits Senior Picture Office is 299-3723.  Prestige is offering several discounts and free sitting fee dates for Fairmont students over the summer. Call now to schedule yours and take advantage of the discounted summer rates! Fairmont seniors will all be photographed by Prestige.
If you prefer to have your senior yearbook picture taken at any other studio, you must make sure that two printed studio-quality copies of the same senior photo are delivered to the Firebird Yearbook Office (Room 121) by Dec. 1, 2016. They may be hand-carried or mailed (Firebird Yearbook Office, 3301 Shroyer Road, Kettering, OH 45429). With your photos, provide a signed "release of copyright" from the studio/photographer so that we may use them in the yearbook. The yearbook staff welcomes photos from any studio or professional photographer provided that: they meet the requirements outlined below, are submitted by 3:05 on Dec. 1, 2016, and are accompanied by the copyright release. Since all students will also be photographed by Prestige, if photos do not meet these requirements they will not be used. 

Photo Requirements:

* You must provide two hard copies of the same photo. Photos must be printed on high-quality professional photo paper. Please do NOT attempt to print photos at home. Many places in town offer low cost photo processing options - often for as low as $1. We WILL NOT accept digital files.

* The photo must be in color.

* The photo must be  wallet size (approximately 2¼” x 3¼”).

* The photo must be vertical.

* The photo must be taken inside. Choose a basic backdrop at a studio or a solid-colored background. 

* The photo must be a formal head-and-shoulders-only shot. (No "glamour shots" or photos in which you are leaning against a tree, wall, motorcycle, etc.) Your hands may not be visible.

* We will not accept selfies

* Students should “dress to impress” in dressy clothes. Shirts, sweaters, or dresses with modest necklines are suggested for girls and collared shirts are suggested for boys.

* Be cautious of all white or all black backgrounds, especially if your clothes are similar in color to the background, as the images in the yearbook may not appear as sharp as they do in a glossy photograph.

* Photos will NOT be accepted late.

2016 Yearbook Distribution

As in the past, the yearbook staff will be putting the finishing touches on the latest impressive edition of The Firebird into the first weeks of summer. Some of our seniors came in bright and early the morning after graduation to create a stunning commencement spread, and we'll be making final corrections throughout June. 
Once the yearbooks are en route from Kansas, we will schedule our distribution date and time. This typically takes place for 2-3 hours on a weekday in the first two weeks of August prior to the start of school. We will post this information here on the yearbook website, on the sign board in front of FHS, and on our social media. Follow us @TheFirebirdYBK on Twitter and Instagram for updates and information. 

2016 & 2017 Yearbook Sales

We've secured 75 additional 2016 yearbooks to sell online through the end of June! Once these books are sold, at for $65, we will NOT have any more books to sell. Sometimes Walsworth, our yearbook printer, sends us extra books. If we receive extra books in August, they will be sold for $75 on a first-come, first-served basis at yearbook distribution. 
The 2017 Firebird Yearbook will be on sale soon! Check out this summer to scoop up an Early Bird Special price for the next edition of the FHS yearbook which will cover the upcoming 2016-17 school year. 

Additional Info

* Order your student's 2016 yearbook at 

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