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Fairmont Students Excel on State, National Tests

Fairmont Students Excelling on Standardized Tests
STEM Opportunities Continue to Increase for Students

In the world of education, school districts across the nation are talking about increasing rigor and performing well on high-stakes tests. Today’s youth are the most tested in the history of American education. Teachers and administrators are keenly aware of how important it is that students perform well on these state and national tests and are constantly looking for trends in data that will lead to improvement in the quality of education students receive from year-to-year.
For students at Fairmont High School and high schools across the state of Ohio, there are two major assessments that are administered, each for very different reasons. The Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) assesses sophomore students for minimum competencies to obtain a high school diploma. In the 2010-2011 school year, Fairmont’s current seniors set a new school record for achievement on the OGT. Preliminary data shows that Fairmont’s current juniors – students who took the OGT in the 2011-2012 school year – have set yet another achievement record. (The release of each district’s and school’s “Local Report Card” data has been delayed by the state; the Kettering City Schools will make this information available as soon as permitted by the state.).
Advanced Placement, or AP, tests are the second major assessment administered to high school students, including many students at Fairmont High School. AP exams test for knowledge and skill obtained through college-credit courses taken while a student is still in high school.
The chart to the left, provided by AP and College Board, demonstrates Fairmont High School AP data versus Ohio and global averages over the past five years.  (Please click here to access a larger version of the chart.)

During this time period, the number of students taking AP exams at Fairmont High School has increased by more than 40 students, and those students – on average – are taking more AP tests today than they did five years ago (294 versus 435.)
In addition, while the state average increased only slightly and the global average remained stagnant on AP test scores, Fairmont High School students have gradually improved their results each year, culminating in a more than 20-percent increase in students scoring a “3” or better on AP exams this year and climbing from below the state and global average to well above both averages today.
In addition, with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education being a focus at Fairmont High School, our teachers and students are committed to working hard to outpace their peers. In 2012, Fairmont students averaged a score of 4.32 on the AP Calculus BC exam, versus a score of 4.08 at the state level and 3.87 globally. AP Calculus BC is a second-semester college calculus course and is offered by only a handful of high schools in the greater Miami Valley area. Fairmont students are also excelling in science, scoring an average of 4.47 on the AP Physics exam, compared to a state average score of 3.56 and a global average score of 3.57.
Congratulations to the following Fairmont High School students for achieving special recognition from AP and the College Board, which runs the Advanced Placement Program:
AP Scholar
(Students scored “3” or higher on three or more AP Exams)
Bradley Alexander
Ashley Bereda
Will Bishop
Emily Blankenship
Nicole Cordonnier
Maxwell Ducharme
Kara Goettl
Morgan Goetz
Benjamin Goodpaster
Caitlin Hageman
Rachel Hock
Tessa Kellner
Christopher Koester
Abhijit Kumbhani
Leslie Mamula
Alyson Miller
Katherine Molnar
Daniel Moody
Trevor Ohara
Ashley Overby
Caitlin Post
Blake Rasor
Bianca Riviello
Jacquelyn Rouhier
Anna Smith
Adam Wolfe
AP Scholar with Honor
(Student averaged “3.25” or higher on four or more AP Exams)
Rebecca Barnett
Tyler Dahlinghaus
Nathan Gottschalk
Elizabeth Mercer
Cameron Neiheisel
Milin Pandya
Allison Parrish
Jacob Roalef
Trevor Schlanger
Samantha Stephens
Francis Stephenson
Jonathan Steward
Caroline Shang
AP Scholar with Distinction
(Student averaged “3.5”or higher on five or more AP Exams)
Joe Barton
Emily Bascom
Jeffrey Bruns
Thomas Chuna
Adam Donovan
Mckenzie Dorman
Edward Fleitz
Robert Gruhl
Saleh Hindi
Daniel Huffman
Zachary Jarrell
Brittany Johns
Sativa Johnson
Thomas Kimbrell
Andrew Kremer
Jeffrey Kremer
Jacob Laux
Jason Lewis
Mary Maclean
Alexandria Meyer
Joseph Moore
Jacob Nickel
Kevin O’Donnell
Brendalyn Perley
Christopher Roush
Matthew Silverman
Pasquale Toscano
National AP Scholar
(Student obtained scores of “4” or higher on eight or more AP Exams)
Jeffrey Bruns
Adam Donovan
Zachary Jarrell
Thomas Kimbrell
Jeffrey Kremer
Mary Maclean

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