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Community Book Bash Wednesday, September 17

The Kettering City School District is transforming its libraries into 21st-Century Learning Centers through the state-awarded “Straight-A Grant.” As such, the district will be supplementing or replacing hard-copy books and reference materials with computers, software and other on-line learning materials.

Some of the books and reference materials will remain in the libraries or will be moved into individual classrooms. The balance of the books and materials that can’t be used in the libraries and classrooms will be offered to members of the community during the Kettering Community Book Bash, to be held on Wednesday, September 17th, from noon-3 p.m. and from 5-7 p.m. at the Trent Arena.

Stop by Trent Arena on September 17 and browse through the items that are being offered FREE of charge to members of the community.

DONATION BUCKETS TO BENEFIT SPIRIT CHAIN 2014 will be available in the Trent Arena Lobby. Please consider making a donation to Spirit Chain when you stop by the Book Bash!



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Firebird Wrestling's Annual Football Mania

"Firebird Wrestling’s Annual College Football Mania”

Over the past five years, Fairmont Wrestling has distributed more than $4,900 in winnings to participants in their College Football Mania Fundraiser!

Think you won’t win?  Think Again!!

Kettering employees Kristin Allen, Roger Bauser, Jenny Borchers, Roger Hartmann, Mark Jenkins, Carrie Kihn, Pat McDermott, Kenny Newsome, Ted Tomashot, and Dave Youngerman have all won prizes supporting Fairmont Wrestling!



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