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Credit Flexibility


Per Ohio Revised Code and Kettering School Board policy, Fairmont High School now allows high school students the opportunity to experience learning and the acquisition of skills through instruction or study outside the traditional classroom.  With this new legislation, Ohio high school students are now able to earn high school credit in three ways, or in a combination of these ways:

1.  By completing traditional coursework
2.  By testing out or otherwise demonstrating achievement of the course content; or
3.  By pursuing one or more "educational options" (e.g. distance or "online" learning, educational travel, independent study, internships, music, arts, after school programs, community service projects, and sports)

The links below contain an overview of Fairmont High School's Flexible Credit Opportunities as well as the application a student must submit to their counselor to initiate the credit flex process:

FHS Credit Flex Application