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Department of Teaching and Learning

Dan Von Handorf
Asst. Superintendent, Teaching & Learning

(937) 499-1422

Department of Teaching and Learning

Dan Von Handorf, Assistant Superintendent
(937) 499-1422

Lisa Sorensen, Secretary
(937) 4991422

(A full listing of contact information for Instructional Services Staff Members can be found at the bottom of this information page.)

The Kettering City School District's Teaching & Learning Department is responsible for establishing Board of Education-approved courses of study and textbook adoptions for all academic areas, pre-K-12, that are aligned with Ohio’s Academic Content Standards.

Additionally, the Teaching & Learning Department works hand-in-hand with the district’s teaching professionals, providing professional development opportunities, keeping them up-to-date on effective instructional and assessment practices for the classroom as well as administration, interpretation and analysis of the required statewide Ohio Achievement and Graduation Test programs. The CCIP, Title I and other federal programs, textbook and instructional resource purchases, instructional technology and gifted services are also the responsibilities of the Instructional Services Department.

As part of its educational philosophy, the Kettering City Schools shall attempt to provide all students with an environment which encourages wholesome physical, mental, social, moral, and spiritual growth, and with an education which will enable them to assume responsibilities in present-day society.

We also feel our educational program should be based on the individuality of the student and the student's needs. We shall endeavor to achieve these goals through a flexible educational program in which students can be active participants. Therefore, we shall always strive to educate students as individuals and provide opportunities that will address their individual needs.

Special Education Services are also provided through the Teaching & Learning Department to students with disabilities as defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). These services include preschool programs for special needs children ages three-five; special class/learning centers; individual/small-group instruction; and co-taught classes with a special education teacher and a general education teacher working together to meet the needs of students.

Follow the links below to learn more about the curriculum offered in the Kettering City Schools:
Elementary Education
Middle School Education
High School Education
Art, Music & Physical Education
Special Education Services

Teaching & Learning Staff

Dan Von Handorf, Asst. Superintendent
(937) 499-1422

Lisa Sorensen, Secretary
(937) 499-1422


Valerie Dupler, Coordinator, Elementary Teaching & Learning


Dawn Cauldwell, Gifted Education Coordinator

Sherri Alexander, Ed.D., Coordinator, Secondary Teaching & Learning
(937) 499-1457


Maggie Wang, System Analyst/EMIS Coordinator
(937) 499-1404

Roger vanBeysterveldt, Technology Integration Coach
(937) 499-1423


Carrie Hennessy, Ed.D.,  Multi-Tiered Supports Leader
(937) 499-1490


Molly Carmosino, State and Federal Grants Specialist
(937) 499-1475


Sara Wisecup, Secretary, Elementary Education


Lisa Kelsey, Secretary, Secondary Education

Special Education

Jenny Smith, Supervisor
(937) 499-1435

Jennifer Landess, Secretary, Special Education Department
(937) 499-1435

Technology Services

Chris Merritt, Chief Technology Officer
(937) 499-1408

Monica Mantia, Help Desk and Data Entry Specialist
(937) 499-1408