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Visual Arts

Sgraffito Sgraffito Victoria's plate Symone's plate Jeremy's slab vessel Connor's slab vessel Sabrina's slab vessel Madison's wheel work Jenna's pieces Chloe's felting Lucas's felting

Patricia Boone
Art Department Chair/Teacher


N2ART logo

We are happy to announce our district K-12 art show will be back in April, 2022! On display will be both 2D and 3D works of art from selected art student from all schools. Please join us on Thursday, April 7 from 6-8 pm for an artist's reception in the front galleries at Fairmont High School,  3301 Shroyer Rd in Kettering.





Our Crafts and Ceramics II students have been making some incredible work in the studio! Please enjoy!

Katie's vessel

Katie's vessel

Lindsay's pottery

  Lindsay's pottery

Nathan's vessel from crafts and Ceramics II

Nathan's vessel from Crafts and Ceramics II

     Busts in progress


Our Crafts and Ceramics II students complete a portrait bust. This is a challenging project and involves patience, perseverance and attention to detail. 


Katie's work in progress



During this time of Covid-19, our art staff, students and families were met with an unexpected and difficult challenge: to transition to at-home learning without the benefit of materials sent home to facilitate projects. The weeks after spring break were uncertain. We all had to find a way to continue meaningful art content with materials on hand that varied widely home to home. We all faced the challenge and the kids grades K to 12 came through with fantastic work as usual! We are grateful for them and the support from their families! The following are a few examples of their work. Enjoy :)

Julie Baker's student work from J. E. Prass


Click here to view the E-Learning Presentation by Stacy Cline from Orchard Park.

Racheal Foster's student work from Beavertown Elementary






Congratulations go to Symone Laws and Olivia Weymouth for winning the Fred Von Gruenigen Art Scholarship for 2020!

This annual scholarship is awarded from the Von Gruenigen family to honor a senior art student that shows great artistic ability and a serious nature about their studio work. This year, the judge determined these 2 young women to both demonstrate the qualities desired by the family and will split the $1,000.00 award. Congratulations to Symone and Olivia!


Symone laws




N2ART Announcement

We are so disappointed to have had this annual exhibit canceled because of the pandemic. We will find a way to showcase the work we had prepared for the show.

AP3D Design

Below is a clay sculpture entitled "Starnose Mole" created by Sophia Huling. This piece was selected to be one of the top 300 pieces in the State of Ohio in the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition. 11,700 pieces were entered for selection. Congratulations Sophia!

Sophia Huling

Crafts Classes



Zachary Davidson's completed work. This piece was selected to be part of the Scholastic Art Regional Exhibition and received an Honorable mention award.

Zachary  was Davidson's felting was included in the Scholastic Art Regional Exhibit

Goerge crafts




Felting Boone





Felting p3. Dillon


Clay relief tiles

new pic crafts






Congratulations to Dylan Phipps!

2016-17 Recipient of the

Fred von Gruenigen Art Scholarship

Best Senior Artist Award


Dylan Phipps


Dylan Phipps  State Award Winner Top 25 for the

Governor's Youth Art Exhibit State Competition


Yeck Scholarshio Shannon Steiner


Shannon Steiner Yeck Scholarship Award Winner


N2 Art 2017


Dylan Flaute Governor's 2016

Dylan Flaute Governor's Youth Art Exhibit 2016


Thank you Oakview 4th and 5th grade Art students, 

for your exhibit of bright beautiful art in our hall gallery, 

at the Kettering Board of Education building.


Oakview art work 2016 A


Oakview Art 2016 B

Congratulations to FHS Art Teacher

Meghan Dillon

Ms. Dillon's artwork was chosen for exhibit.

Exhibition: State of the Arts
Exhibition dates: October 4 – October 29, 2016
Location: Ohio University Art Gallery,  


Artist Meghan Dillon


Emerging Artist Exhibit Winner

Columbus, Ohio

Artist Colin Cunningham

Fairmont High School



Emerging Artist Exhibit Winner

Columbus, Ohio

Artist Kaitlyn Bryant 

Fairmont High School




Emerging Artist  Exhibit Winner

Columbus Ohio

Artist Maeve O'Hara

Fairmont High School







Kettering Art Students Currently

Exhibiting work at UD Artstreet

Mr. Harris and students from Orchard Park and Beavertwon


Ms. Drummer and Students from Southdale

The 2016 regional student art exhibition, also known as the “summer show”, is open to ALL Western members

of Ohio Art Education Association students,

The show is currently on exhibit at the University of Dayton’s ArtStreet Gallery on Kiefaber Street,  

during regular gallery hours (10-4pm).





Beavertown Elementary, teacher Mark Harris

Orchard Park Elementary, teacher Mark Harris  

Indian Riffle Elementary, teacher Kristin Mitchell

Southdale Elementary, teacher Gail Drummer

Kettering Middle School, teacher Lindsay Gustafson

Van Buren Middle School, teacher Michele Clark 




 Work by Indian Riffle Student, Cydnee Cline, 2nd grade currently on exhibit at UD.


IB Visual Art Senior Exhibit, Julia Turner


Teacher Susan Bennett


Evolution"  by IB Senior Catherine Kehner, Cut Stencil 


IB Senior Show Gillian Garland, 2016

Teacher Susan Bennett

"Cloth" by James McGuire, Art III, Senior

Teacher Susan Bennett

"Birds" by Senior AP Studio Art Student Dylan Flaute,

This piece was selected for exhibit in the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibit 2016.

teacher Susan Bennett



"Still life" by Senior AP Art Student , Dylan Flaute 




Transfer Print in oil paint, with watercolor, by  Senior AP Studio Art 2D Design student,  April King

Teacher Susan Bennett




"Princess"  Senior AP Studio Art 2D Design student, April King

Teacher Susan Bennett



"Precious Clutter" by Julia Turner, IB Visual Art Senior,

Teacher Susan Bennett

"Out of the Jungle"  by Julia Turner, IB Visual Art Senior,

Teacher Susan Bennett


"Don'tLook at Me", Julia Turner, IB Visual Art Student

Teacher Susan Bennett


Nature's Payback by Gillian Garland, IB Visual Art Senior

Teacher, Susan Bennett

Little Girl with Pink Hair  by Gillian Garland IB Visual Art Senior,

Teacher Susan Bennett


N2 Art logo Wayne Taylor

Poster art by,

 Digital Design and AP student

Lila Fisher



Greenmont Gallery at Dot's Market

Student work of Art Teacher Julia Baker



KMS Teacher Named Region’s Best

Congratulations to Lindsay Gustafson, art teacher at

Kettering Middle School.

Lindsay was selected to receive the

Ohio Art Education Association’s Outstanding Art Teacher

Award for the Western Region.


  Celebrate Arts in Education!

Applaud the success of our Kettering Art students!

Artist Dylan Flaute


Oil Painting

IB/AP  Visual Art


Keress Weidner's artwork was selected

for an exhibit at this year's

"Emerging Artist Exhibit" sponsored by the

Ohio Art Education Association.

This is an exhibit open to Ohio

High School students, just beginning 

their high school art journey.

Keress was an Art 1 student of 

Ms. Dillon, last year at Fairmont and is

continuing her art study at Fairmont this year.




Congratulations Ms. Gustafson!

KMS Art Teacher

Awarded an

Ohio Art Education Association

Teacher enrichment grant.  



IB Visual Art Certificate Candidate


Follow the link to her workyes

Follow the links to her work
Fairmont Art Program of Studies
Stu Wheeler, JF Kennedy Art Teacher
Kristen Mitchell, Indian Riffle Art Teacher
Beth Fensel, Oak View and JE Prass Art Teacher
From Mrs. Fensel's art room
Tabitha Rae, 5th grade, Mrs. Fensel's art room
Noah Beaman, 5th grade
Oakview Elementary, Mrs. Fensel's art room
AP Studio Drawing 
Chloe Beaman
Successful portfolio,
Mrs. Bennett's art room
A study from our garden
Hannah Gatlin, Art III
Mrs. Bennet's art room
"After Leonardo da Vinci"
AP Studio Drawing
Patrick Danielson
Mrs. Bennett's AP Studio
Mr. Harris's art room!


Southdale Elementary School students, Sam Fiscus, Eric Hutchison, Ryan Nichols. Selah Wardle, Ian Roma, Cameron Mamas, Cora Fiscus and Adam Hart, will have artwork on display at the University of Dayton Art Street Gallery through July 12th. The works of the student artists were chosen for display as part of the annual Ohio Art Education Association Summer Exhibition.

The UD Art Street Gallery is located on Kiefaber Street. Please call 229-5101 for gallery hours.

Amanda Turner 

Fred Von Gruenigen Scholarship 


Amanda Turner's 
"My State of Mind" 
Chosen for the 
Governor Youth Art Exhibit
Mrs. Bennett's IB 
"Day of the Dead'
Senior IB Visual Art Student
Alan Valadez
Alan Valadez
Attention Graduating Seniors
Thank your for your applications!

Fred Von Gruenigen Scholarship 

Fairmont Best Senior Artis

Thanks for attending our 2013-14

N2 Art Exhibit!
Stay Tuned for Next Year!
Mrs. Reichert's class
IB Art students
Katherine and Taylor
Aly Howerton's Tiger 
Aly Howerton IB/AP Visual Art Student is a winner in the 
Dyer, Garofalo, Ann and Schultz Art Contest!
Teacher: Susan Bennett
Haylee Simmons AP Visual Art Student is runner up in the 
Dyer, Garofalo, Mann and Schulz Art Contest!
Teacher: Susan Bennett
AP Student Morgan Goetz
Reductive Charcoal Drawing by Sarah from Ms. Drummer's class!
Senior IB and AP Students in studio time!
Senior IB Art Student 
Alyssa Evans with recent  work.
IB Student Marie Bertolo with an oil painting done her senior year.
She exhibited this at Dayton Art Institute.
Fairmont High School IB Art and AP Art Student
Aubrey Hodapp
Recipient of
The Fred Von Greunigen Art Scholarship 
Tessa Kelner IB Art Student with her IB exhibit
Joanna Fadel
IB Visual Art Student with her IB Exhibit
Kristen Menke IB Visual Art Student with her IB Exhibit
Fairmont High School is a great place to study ART!
Rhianna, 2nd grader from Oakview Elementary, proudly exhibits
her collage at this year's N2 Art.  She created  her beautiful caterpillar
in Mrs. Fensel's Art Class!
Past student exhibit!
Looking forward to the 2013-2014 N2!
Artist Reception opening night,
February 12, 6 p.m.  to 8 p.m.

Lindsay Gustafson receives
The Ohio Education Middle Level Division Award
2012, for the state of Ohio!
Way to go Ms. G!

Ms. Gustafson and KMS Unit Principal Ms. Wyman

Student Art Work Fall 2012

Mr. Harris and his student, Tristen Luken at last year's N2
All are looking forward to this year's N2
Opening February 12th!

Southdale Elementary School Artist, Claire Berlon
Teacher: Mr. Mark Harris

Southdale Elementary School  Artist Christian Knopp
Teacher: Mr. Harris

Orchard Park Students
Study Monet's Water Lilies!
Teacher: Mrs. Reichert

Getting ready for Art!
Orchard Park Students
Teacher: Mrs. Reichert

IB Art Senior, Marie Bertelo
Still Life
Teacher: Susan Bennett

IB Art Senior, Kristen Menke,
Still Life
Teacher: Mrs. Bennett

"Foliage" by Aubrey ey Hodapp
Teacher: Susan Bennett

"Flow" by Senior AP Student
Aubrey Hodapp
Teacher: Mrs. Clark

Congratulations to Family First
  2013 Calendar Contest
1st Place Winner
Pornpan Mongkonsit!

Advanced Drawing and Painting Student of Mrs. Clark

  Junior AP student Shelby Logan with winning
 Environmental Contest Winner with
Teacher Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Clark Fairmont High School
Art Teacher named
"Educator of the Year" by the
Kettering Optimist Club!

Allison Parrish, IB Art and AP Drawing Student
Recipient of the Fred Von Gruenigen Scholarship Award 2012

2012 Art Club
Pumpkin Decorating Contest

The Competition won tonight

Members hard at work!


2012 Holiday at Home
Poster Contest Winners, with their teachers and
Dr. Schoenlein

Holiday at Home Poster Winners 2011

Fairmont High School Art Students are honored
with many awards.  This year 4 of the 12
"Yeck Scholarships" of the
Dayton Art Institute were awarded to
Fairmont students.
The four students chosen for this award were
Morgan Goetz, Sarah McGuire, Taylor Rogers and Amanda Turner.  All students were advanced
students of Mrs. Clark.

N2 Student Work

Alyssa Evans

Madison Koebke

Jessica Mowen

Scholastic Art Award Winners for 2012!

Junior 3D Design Student Autumn Hill, 
won the  Scholastic
"Gold Key Award"
for her Sculpture "A Drift"

Autumn Hill's Sculpture "A Drift"
AP 3D Instructor Susan Bennett

Kylie Kaylor
Junior AP Studio Drawing Student
Silver Key Award for

"The Man in the Mirror"
Kyle Kaylor, Silver Award
AP Instructor Candace Clark

The Kettering Art Department is
dedicating this year's
N2 Art Show to our N2's
Founder and special Friend,
Wayne Taylor

Wayne and his brother Chuck in the Fairmont Art Gallery 2010.






TUESDAY February , 12TH, 2013

6 TO 8 P.M.


2011 Fall Exhibit
Featuring Fairmont High School
AP and IB Visual Art Classes
Fairmont Gallery, PAC

Artist, Allison Parrish, Senior, IB Art Class

Artist, Autumn Hill,  Junior,  AP 3D-Design

Artist, Sativa Marie Johnson, Senior,  IB Art Class

Artist,  Sarah Bennett, Senior,  IB Art Class

Fred VonGruenigen Scholarship Winner!
Fairmont Senior
Lin Phu
The family of Fred VonGruenigen donated the funds to create
a scholarship in honor of Mr. VonGruenigen's career and
service to Kettering Schools and Fairmont High School.
The scholarship is given to a Farimont senior who has
demonstrated excellence in their visual art study. Lin completed
her IB Visual Art Exam this year. She has completed many or our
Visual Art Courses at Fairmont. She was chosen through
our application process and submission of her portfolio
to the Art Department.

Lin with her IB Art Exhibit

Award Winners!
Katelyn Schrager has been awarded a $5000.00
Faculty Scholarship to attend the AIC College of Design!

Aviation Art Contest Winners!
Jennifer McGarry and Kaitlin Berry, both
AP Drawing students won places in the
Air Force Aviation Art Contest.  Jennifer took
Best in Show.  Kaitlin won first place in
grades 10th through 12th. 

IB Art 
Lin Phu

N2 2011!

Morton Salt by Junior Allison Parrish
IB Art Student

Art work by Senior
Keionna Seabrook
AP Drawing Student






Congratulations to Firebird art students are often called upon to volunteer their services for various school projects and Kettering organizations.


Our Craft and Sculpture students were asked by the city of Kettering to participate with the Public Art City Sites project.  Beth Holyoke and Kaethi Seidl artists chosen for the Polen Farm Sculpture came to Fairmont for the day. They shared their vision for their tile  project  with the students and lead the students in making clay tiles for the community project. The tiles will be used with other tiles to create a “Big Egg” sculpture that will be installed in the newly renovated Polen Farm Park in the autumn of 2010.


Recently Alic Brock and Annelise Bodary completed a new Firebird Painting for the Main Office.

 Bethany Schartzentruber, Chelsea Ewing and Kasey Garvey hand lettered and created signs for Sicsa’s “Strut Your Mutt Day” to be held at Delco Park in June.

 Seniors Cassie Sant, Amena Shermadou and Emily Miller are face painting for their former elementary school’s Family Fun Event.




 N2 Art Was Great
Thank you for Visiting!
See you again Next Year!


Art Club December Meeting




Art Club November Meeting
Printing Art Club Shirts in the
Digital Design Room


Ceramics and Sculpture &
AP 3D Design
Students Visit Rosewood Gallery's Recent HxWxD Exhibit