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ESOL Student Resources



English dictionaries


              Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary - read, audio, syllables, examples


               Heinle Newbury House Dictionary of American English 


               Longman Online Dictionary


Visual Dictionaries


             Merriam Webster’s Visual Dictionary Online - labeled pictures, audio

                  Photographic Dictionary

                  Online Picture Dictionary - ESOL Help




Translation dictionaries




               Bing Translator


               Google Translator


               World Lingo




               Spanish/English  -


               Arabic/English   -   Lexilogos


               Chinese/English  -  MDBG


               Kurdish/English  -


               Kinyarwanda/English -


               Kinyarwanda/English - English/Kinyarwanda Translator



Content dictionaries


               math   A Maths Dictionary 


               science   Seymour Simon (photos, summary)


               science  Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab


Spelling help


               Spelling and Vocabulary City



               Contraction Flashcards



               Spelling City - Syllables

               Syllable Rules 

               Divide into Syllables - worksheets  

               Divide into Syllables - worksheet  

               Syllables and Word Stress  

               Number of Syllables - BBC


Grammar help


               Road to Grammar 


               Singular, Plural, and Possessive Nouns  


               Sentence Sense - Possessive Nouns  


               Possessive Nouns - Matching


               Learn and Practice Possessive Nouns  






               American English Pronunciation Practice at


               Sounds of English (audio clips, minimal pairs)


               Minimal Pairs - vowel sounds


               English Pronunciation (handouts, practice)


               Phonetics of American English (moving mouth graphics with sound, video clips)


               Okanagan College - English pronunciation and listening


              University of Iowa Phonetics Project




               Quizlet - Beginning Vocabulary - Interactive flashcards and other learning activities 


               Spelling and Vocabulary City


               Root words, Prefixes, Suffixes - Longman (beginning, intermediate, advanced)


               Word Study Skills (Dictionary) - Longman ( beginning, intermediate, advanced)


               Self-Study English Vocabulary Quizzes - easy to difficult



               Context Clues

               Context Clues - Kids Lab



Websites with many activities


               Mrs. Hurley’s ESL


More Websites


               NOVA Science Now - short video clips with captions



               RAZ-Kids login



PARCC Accommodations Practice Tutorial  Practice using the accommodations you will see on the PARCC Assessments.On the link, click on the button that says TestNav 8 Tutorial. You can also practice the Text-to-Speech Tutorial at the bottom of the page, and the Equation Editor on the right side.


PARCC Tutorials


PARCC Sample Items


PARCC Practice Tests


Ohio New State Tests - Practice  Sign in as guest. If you have questions, get further guidance.


Ohio State Tests Special Versions Practice - At this link, choose from the left column: English Audio, Foreign Language Audio, Bilingual Spanish