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Chris Weaver
Athletic Director
(937) 499-1642


The objectives of Kettering City School’s athletic programs are to teach sound citizenship through the practice of good sportsmanship; to develop desirable traits including: emotional control, honesty, cooperation, dependability, and to respect the other person and their abilities.

Like all activities sponsored by the schools, the interscholastic program is educational in nature, and accordingly, has worth for students who choose to participate. In essence, the athletic program will complement the total educational experience of those involved.
It must be recognized that the desire to win underlies all competitiveness and is to be a goal of all teams and coaches. However, the degree of success of the program is not dependent upon the won-loss record of the team. A well-planned and properly executed athletic program will provide for development of wholesome characteristics.
The athletic program shall be conducted in accordance with existing Board of Education policies, rules, and regulations.