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Student Services

Rick Earley
Supervisor, Student Services
(937) 499-1433
580 Lincoln Park Blvd.
Suite 105
Kettering, Ohio 45429

The mission of the Student Services Department is to work closely with building administrators and staff members to assess student needs and to partner with the family to put plans, programs and services in place in our schools that will help students gain the most from their education and reach their full potential.

Guidance Services

Students must learn to deal with pressure and stress in a positive, healthy way. Kettering City School District guidance counselors aim to help children realize their full potential and thrive in the 21st century. Counselors structure programs, which help with social, physical, emotional and mental growth. The counseling staff works with teachers and parents to identify potential problems at an early stage in the child's development. You can contact your child's school counselor by calling their main or unit office. 

Health Services

Health Services are available to each child through registered nurses assigned to specific schools. Vision and hearing screenings are conducted on students in grades K-10. Health Services works to promote good health for all students and helps in identifying student health problems. Help is available by calling your child's school office.

Home Instruction Services

When a student is prevented from attending school for a period of time, the school district will provide home instruction so that the student can keep up with his/her studies. To qualify for home instruction, a student must have a statement from his/her physician. To arrange for home instruction, contact your child's building principal.

Home Schooling Information

State Law in Ohio permits families to educate their children at home using curriculum and methodologies of their choosing. Certain core subject areas must be taught, and a minimum of 900 hours of instruction must be completed. A notification process that includes the completion of a Home Education Notification Form must be followed and this form must be renewed each year. In addition, a Home Education Academic Assessment Report must accompany the completed Notification Form each year when it is submitted to the school district. Questions regarding Home Schooling should be directed to the Student Services Department at (937) 499-1434.

Intra-District Open-Enrollment Information

The Kettering Board of Education believes that students should be permitted to attend a school of their choice within the district. As such, families can apply for attendance at the school of choice based on established criteria. When requesting an intra-district open-enrollment transfer, the parent or guardian needs to complete an Intra-District Open-Enrollment Application Form:

Questions regarding open enrollment should be directed to the Student Services Department at (937) 499-1434.

Our Team

Central Enrollment Department

Carmella Ford, District Registrar​​​​​​


Nicole Lehmann, Registration Secretary


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Carolyn Scott
Secretary, Student Services
(937) 499-1434

Betina Irwin, RN
Nurse Coordinator
(937) 499-1473

Tyler Long
District Attendance Officer
(937) 499-1700

Denise Cordonnier
District EMIS Coordinator
(937) 499-1404

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