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'Faces of Kettering' Spotlights Strategic Plan Focus Areas

Our Mission and Vision

Our plan is comprised of four main focus areas -- Culture, Whole Person, Strategic Partnerships and Student Success

In Faces of Kettering we are, via video, turning the spotlight on individuals -- staff members, community members, students, graduates, etc... -- who epitomize these four focus areas. 

If you know of an individual who contributes to the mission and vision of the Kettering City Schools and epitomizes these four focus areas, please let us know! You can contact Kari Basson, community relations coordinator, at, with a name and additional information about the individual.  



Students and staff thrive in positive environments where they feel safe, supported, appropriately vulnerable and driven by a strong sense of purpose, so that the most can be made of their work, learning and relationships.

December 2019 -- Featuring Ed Drayton, and Jonelle Carroll, Youth & Family Community Resource Coordinator.

Officer Drayton:  "Whenever I walk through those doors, I try to be positive. Have a smile on my face. I try to make contact with as many kids as I can in the morning. The biggest thing is to have the relationship with the kid, you know, we try to reach out to kids all the time."

Jonelle Carroll: "The goal, really, is just to connect (the kids) with positive role models in the community, and we hope they continue those relationships as they grow."



May 2019 -- Featuring Dave Miller, Firebird head football coach: "The thing about Kettering that's unique is the way the student body interacts with each other. Everybody pulls for each other. They really come together and it's really neat to see."



Whole Person

Our district and schools will attend to the needs of our students and staff above and beyond educational requirements to remove roadblocks to student and staff success.

December 2019 -- Featuring Jessica Stickel, Hope Squad advisor, and members of Fairmont High School's Hope Squad:  "The Hope Squad is, it's overarching purpose is that it's a suicide prevention program. We hope that we don't get to a crisis situation with our students, but unfortunately, there are students who are struggling with that every day." -- Jessica Stickel 



May 2019 -- Featuring Tracey Nissen, school counselor at John F. Kennedy Elementary: "We're teaching kids how to interact positively with other kids. How to recognize when other kids are having strong feelings and what you can do to help and support those other kids. I just really like getting to know the kids kind of on an individual basis." 



Strategic Partnerships

We will intentionally collaborate with people and organizations in order to leverage limited resources to maximize staff and student growth.

December 2019 -- Featuring Charley Schuerholz, owner of Schuerholz Printing: "Business is good, and along with that,I think it's important that we give back to the schools. Jared Parker with the Career Tech has been sending us interns, and we look forward to's important for students to get out in our community. Not just my business, but any business and really kind of see what's happening out there.



May 2019 -- Featuring Scott Beirise, instructor, Fairmont Career Tech Center Automotives Instructor: "For example, Voss Chevrolet has our students out for a giant field trip and we talk about how the dealership operates...A lot of people don't understand that there is a huge community of different jobs and job titles that you can do with the industry.


Student Success

We will provide EVERY student an exceptional education -- one that is grounded in high expectations, personalized to his/her needs and interests and backed by the necessary learning support in order to maximize his/her chances for a rewarding life now and into the future.

December 2019 -- Featuring Dori Daskalakis, 3rd- grade teacher, Southdale Elementary: "My vision for a successful student is just that you know that you can grow, as a person and as a learner."



May 2019 -- Featuring Debbie Lowe, 8th-grade science teacher at Kettering Middle School --  "Students have to be comfortable to ask questions and then you have to meet them where they're at. I try to set everything up where I'm meeting everyone's learning styles and you can prove that you know it in a way that's best for you."


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