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Lunch Item Substitutions

Lunch Meal Substitutions

GFS told Pabst that the store was notified by several manufacturers that they are experiencing shortages of a number of food items and expect these shortages to be an issue through the current school year.

Our Food & Nutrition Services Department will continue to publish a monthly lunch menu, but may need to make substitutions for some items if GFS does not have them in stock and available for delivery. 

The following items may have substitutions, as noted. If your child has food allergy issues and you would like to check on the ingredients of a particular meal item, please contact Andrea Hale in the Food & Nutrition Services Department at 937-499-1448, and she can assist you in determining meal item ingredients.

Orange Chicken -- A different sauce is being substituted for the one we typically use on our orange chicken. This new sauce may contain soy sauce.

"Breakfast for Lunch" -- The sausage links that are served may contain pork.

Pizza Dough --  The dough used for the pizza served in our cafeterias may contact dairy and/or eggs.

Hot Dogs -- We typically serve turkey dogs in the cafeterias; hot dogs being served now may contain pork.

Corn Dogs -- We are not able to get our usual chicken corn dogs in the quantities needed, so the corn dogs that are served may contain pork.


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